Environmental Management

As environmental awareness and legislative requirements increase throughout the offshore industry, companies working within the offshore sector are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain and improve their environmental performance.  MSIS’ Environmental Management services can support clients in identifying and resolving environmental problems and requirements through the development, implementation and maintenance of an ISO 14001:2004 accredited Environmental Management System (EMS), which can be directly integrated into the interface of the client’s existing management system, or can be established as a separate stand-alone system.

MSIS also delivers client specific EMS Awareness Training, which can be delivered either at MSIS facilities, or on-site at a client’s facility.  Our EMS Awareness Training is designed to provide personnel of all levels with a thorough understanding of the EMS system requirements, as well as the environmental issues facing the business.  

Legislative compliance throughout the duration of a project can be managed through the completion of an Environmental Liability Study, which can be carried out by fully trained and qualified MSIS personnel, allowing the client to avoid legal penalties and improve process efficiencies.


  • Improved environmental performance and waste efficiencies
  • Improved process efficiencies and reduction of costs
  • Management of legislative compliance to avoid legal penalties
  • In-house EMS Awareness Training
  • Specialist Waste Management solutions
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning