Pit Cleaning

MSIS has an extensive industry track record in the cleaning, care and management of rig pits, ship tanks and oil storage tanks.  Our specially trained personnel equipped with the best available technologies and equipment, permit the safe and efficient cleaning of problematic tank design projects.  With our 180º and 360º non-intrusive cleaning equipment options, we can significantly reduce confined space entry (CSE), in addition to reducing personnel on board (POB) and overall project downtime.

Through our strategic alliances with market leading chemical providers, all pit and tank cleaning projects are managed by fully trained, experienced and competent personnel in accordance with Mud Cleaning Acid (MCA) compliance standards and procedures.


  • Mud Cleaning Acid (MCA) trained personnel and compliant equipment
  • Oil to water, and water to brine solutions available
  • Non-intrusive equipment options available
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced Personnel on Board (POB)
  • Reduced Confined Space Entry (CSE)
  • Minimised waste levels