Paint and Scale Removal

MSIS has built an unrivalled reputation in the safe delivery of specialist coating services and solutions to the offshore market. Offering the latest in cleaning technologies and equipment, MSIS can reduce maintenance levels and costs to the client, as well as increasing the future life of offshore assets.  Our experienced and fully qualified personnel provide access to various flexible blaster and sprayer options, and will deliver work scopes safely and efficiently across various frameworks.


At MSIS, we can offer a multitude of quick and efficient, ultra-high-pressure (UHP) paint and scale removal services, including:

  • Slurry Blasting - reduces dust generated and utilises a water induction into grit system
  • Sponge Blasting - suppresses noise and dust levels, and is performed in areas where there are a large number of personnel at work, or in areas of protected or sensitive equipment
  • Dry Ice Blasting - generates no waste and is used for cleaning in and around electrical components or motors

Our flexible coating services and solutions can be undertaken across a variety of different situations, including; fresh water tanks, fuel tanks, structural steel work, concrete structures, as well as plant repairs.  In addition, supporting client’s day-to-day rig and asset maintenance requirements.


  • Grit blasting and mechanical preparation
  • Supply of airless or conventional blaster/spray equipment
  • Application of single/multiple industrial coatings
  • Supply of approved coating systems
  • Rig maintenance and plant repairs
  • Ultra-high-pressure (UHP) equipment