Dry Ice Cleaning

MSIS delivers specialist dry ice cleaning which removes contaminates such as grease, oil, rust, paint and various forms of scale, without producing any form of cleaning medium waste. This non-abrasive technique is a revolutionary method for quickly cleaning almost any substrate without additional waste, or resulting in operational down time or damage. Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid state. The dry ice cleaning is carried out by means of propelling dry ice pellets at an object with compressed air. Upon impact, the solid carbon dioxide sublimates to its gas state leaving no residue. Dry Ice cleans in three revolutionary ways, resulting in minimal downtime through the ability to operate in-situ and at high speeds. The high speeds at which the dry ice pellets are propelled by the compressed air, along with the thermal effect of the dry ice (operating at -78.5˚C) loosens the scale/ contaminate. In addition, the expansion of the dry ice to its gaseous state – expanding to 800 times its original size – works to leave the treated area completely clear of residue.


  • 1 fully trained MSIS operative
  • Dry Ice hopper unit complete with nozzles and hoses
  • Air preparation unit
  • Dry ice boxes (1 per 12 hour shift)
  • Refrigerated 10 foot container (all of the above stored inside)


  • ATEX certified
  • Non-abrasive, low pressure form of cleaning
  • Safe around electrical components even when live
  • Non-disruptive to other on-going operations
  • Minimal downtime due to in-situ cleaning and the high speeds of operation
  • Offshore capabilities