Chemical Cleaning

MSIS has built a strong reputation in the specialist cleaning market for the safe delivery of cost effective, professional chemical cleaning solutions.  MSIS' chemical cleaning solutions include:

  • Hydrocarbon wax dissolver for process vessels
  • Pot Water Healthcare (super chlorination)
  • Oxy cleaning of stainless steel pipe work
  • Scale removal from process pipe work and heat exchangers
  • Removal of pyrophoric scale from pipe work and process vessels
  • Treatment of LSA/Norm scale - Waste Minimisation
  • Rust removal from exhaust and gas compression piped systems

Through our strategic alliances and close working relationships with market leading chemical providers, our highly skilled personnel can deliver bespoke solutions to meet a multitude of client cleaning requirements.  

With 180º and 360º non-intrusive cleaning equipment options available, MSIS can significantly reduce confined space entry (CSE), in addition to reducing personnel on board (POB) and overall project downtime, for the safe and efficient management of previously difficult to clean systems.


  • Non-intrusive equipment cleaning options
  • Reduced Personnel on Board (POB)
  • Reduced Confined Space Entry (CSE)
  • Safe and efficient management of previously difficult to clean systems
  • Improved environmental performance and waste efficiency levels
  • Management of ship to shore waste levels
  • Improved service from process equipment
  • Quick turnaround of process systems