CCTV Inspection

MSIS delivers a wide portfolio of CCTV camera inspection systems that offer market-leading capabilities for applications ranging from Remote Vessel Inspection (RVI) of caissons, to drainage system and pipework inspection.  Using the latest in Flexi Probe, Push Rod technology, Mini System, Video Endoscope, and Tractor Systems, MSIS can provide you with CCTV Inspection Surveys, for both onshore and offshore applications.  

Whether you are looking to assess the condition of an existing asset, or one you are looking to acquire, MSIS’ fully-trained and experienced CCTV Inspection operatives have the capability to deliver a conditional report that will identify any flaws in the system.  The report makes note of, and prioritises repairs required, and outlines recommendations to reduce both short and long-term integrity issues with our ATEX approved CCTV Inspection equipment.


  • P340 flexiprobe™ system
  • P350 flexitrax™ system


  • Offshore capabilities
  • ATEX approved equipment