MSIS Chairman's Award for QHSE Excellence

30 Jun 2016

Outstanding QHSE performance is critical to the success of the MSIS business. A strong QHSE culture that recognizes achievements, and ensures we learn from near misses and incidents, is an essential requirement.


To further promote this culture, we have launched an annual MSIS Excellence in QHSE Award. Our Chairman, John Forrest will sponsor the award scheme, and be involved in selecting the best achievements. Awards are made quarterly and there will be an overall annual award at year-end.  


The purpose is as follows:


  • To recognise outstanding QHSE performance by individuals and teams.


  • To encourage and reward positive role models.


  • To promote a culture that learns from our failures


The winner for Q1 2016 is, Donald Ferguson, one of our Industrial Cleaners, who was presented his award by the General Manager Ken Salmon. 


While on the Ocean Guardian in February 2016, Donald observed that a section of grating was rusted and likely to fail. He stopped the work and informed his supervisor, resulting in the hazard being dealt with promptly. Donald is to be commended for firstly identifying the hazard, and also being prepared to get something done about it.


As we grow the business, excellence in QHSE will continue to be a vital and integral part of our service offering.  I encourage everybody to look out for each other, and to take the time to recognise outstanding QHSE performance.