Waste Transfer and Pumping Solutions

With access to the latest, market leading industrial cleaning equipment, MSIS provides a range of proven waste transfer and pumping solutions to the onshore industrial market.  Our high power, compact and environmentally friendly kit enables us to complete safe uplift and transportation of sludge and solid waste materials from some of the most challenging industrial environments.

Our dedicated Waste Management Team is trained to the highest standards in waste management and safety, and is committed to ensuring work is completed in compliance with industry standards and legislation, leaving the client with a cost effective, environmentally responsible, waste transfer solution.

Electric or engine powered, our proven technologies dramatically increases productivity and significantly reduce downtime, whilst creating minimal demand on site resources.  Using our innovative Premier Transfer System (PTS), waste can be efficiently transferred from depths of up to 55m, as well as reducing the need for confined space entry and therefore minimising the health and safety risks to personnel on board.

With our comprehensive portfolio of services and capabilities, MSIS will help your business overcome its waste transfer and pumping problems.


  • Highly trained and experienced personnel
  • Comprehensive range of electric or engine driven machines
  • MSIS Premier Transfer System
  • Sludge and Solids Transfer