Tanker Hire

MSIS operates an extensive and well maintained fleet of tanker vehicles and flatbed trucks, ranging between 8,000 and 22,000 litres in capacity, and 1.5 and 7.5 tonnes in size.  Integrated with our licensed Waste Transfer Station in Invergordon, our wide-ranging fleet of vehicles are regularly on the road, ensuing quick and efficient response and mobilisation times for clients, both locally and nationally.  Similarly, with the new addition of our tipping vacuum tanker - with a maximum capacity of 18,000 litres - we are able to manage a multitude of waste, sludge and liquid matter, as well as transferring waste quickly and without difficulty, from tanker to waste reception tip, without the requirement for manual removal.

Additionally, our wide-ranging fleet of vehicles are available for hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with the inclusion of fully qualified ADR operators, and provide solutions to an array of industrial cleaning challenges.  Our experience and fully qualified tanker rental team can also supply containers, labels and tremcards in accordance with current Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG) and Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CPL) regulations.


  • Professional fleet of tankers with capacities of 8,000 - 22,000 litres
  • Fleet of 1.5 and 7.5 tonne flat-bed trucks
  • Jet-Vac combination tankers
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly vehicle hire
  • Fully qualified ADR operators
  • Supply of containers, labels, and tremcards
  • Full compliance with current CDG and CPL regulations