Large and Small Pipeline Cleaning

As a member of the Water Jetting Association, MSIS has a large number of highly trained personnel who are specialised in delivering complex water jetting services to the onshore industrial market.  MSIS’ large and small pipeline cleaning services offer clients an all-inclusive service for their offshore pipeline cleaning requirements.  Our pipeline cleaning services encompass the areas of; large and small bore process pipework, heat exchangers, effluent lines, relief drainage, as well as water cooling systems. 

MSIS owns and operates an extensive fleet of high pressure (HP) Retro Jetting equipment, operating up to and including pressures of 30,000 psi.  In addition, MSIS is able to offer clients ATEX designed offshore containerised solutions which are certified to operate in Zone I and Zone II hazardous areas, and are compact in size, resulting in reduced deck space requirements.  Furthermore, our specialist large and small pipeline cleaning equipment incorporates a wide range of associated ancillary items including intrinsically safe and explosion-proof CCTV camera inspection systems.  

With a strong commitment to providing clients with the latest in best-fit technologies, combined with our industry track record, highly trained operatives and specialist equipment, MSIS ensures that our teams have the knowledge, experience and technological resources to safely and efficiently complete drain and sewer cleaning operations to client requirements and specifications in a diverse range of industrial contexts.  

Additionally, on completion of the project, MSIS operatives will provide a full asset integrity report, allowing the client to stay informed of any maintenance planning and/or asset and system integrity issues, as well as reducing downtime in the future.


  • Integrity of assets
  • Systems efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Informed maintenance planning
  • CCTV inspection integrity report