Specialist Cleaning

MSIS has built an unrivalled reputation in the safe delivery of specialist cleaning services, with a strong commitment to providing our clients with the latest in best-fit technologies.  A member of the Water Jetting Association, and with a proven FPAL track record, we have a large number of highly trained and experienced personnel who are specialised in delivering complex water jetting services to the onshore industrial market.

With a dedicated logistical department, we are entirely reactive to the needs and requirements of our clients, and can manage projects from start to finish with the use of our specialist cleaning equipment.  MSIS’ specialist cleaning equipment is intrinsically safe, allowing it to be used in hazardous areas.  The equipment is also compact with a smaller overall footprint, therefore reducing the number of people required on the job.  Where tank entry is necessary, we can provide the required documentation, such as confined space permits, as well as completing any tests for contaminants, and rigorously monitoring all work in progress.