Emergency Rescue

With access to state-of-the-art rescue equipment, and a dedicated team of trained and experienced professionals, MSIS’ Emergency Rescue Team (ERT) is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can respond rapidly and effectively to a wide range of emergency situations.  

Working in partnership with the Mines Rescue Service, MSIS has the expertise and specialist knowledge of working within confined spaces, to provide an emergency rescue service to clients working within a variety of industries, including; oil and gas, distillery, civil and utility sectors.  All MSIS rescue team personnel have undergone intensive regulatory training, covering areas such as; toxic gases and fumes, the use of breathing apparatus and casualty handling, as well as search and recovery techniques.  With MSIS’ independent ERT to hand, we can eliminate the client’s requirement to assemble their own specialist team from key personnel, therefore saving time and resources by eradicating downtime and personnel on board (POB).

Our sole aim is the provision of exemplary health & safety practice to all clients.  With our specialist training facility in Invergordon, this allows us to perform continuous training and practice exercises, guaranteeing that all ERT personnel are conversant with the many possible emergency situations in the case of a real-time incident. 

Industry legislation stipulates that prior to completing any confined space activity, a risk assessment of activities must be completed, to determine whether an ERT is required. With our in-house ERT document packs, MSIS can carry out a full risk assessment onsite pre-project, during the project, and post-project, thus minimising costs to the client.  Our independent ERT can also be mobilised out-with MSIS work scope, allowing full flexibility to the client.


  • Dedicated ERT
  • Specialist training facility in Invergordon
  • Highly trained and experienced ERT personnel
  • Reduced POB
  • Can be mobilised out-with MSIS work scope
  • In-house ERT document packs
  • On-site risk assessment
  • Self-rescue offering