The Rigvac Unit has been uniquely designed by MSIS' in-house design team for offshore use. It is portable, lightweight and is the only certified unit on the market for use in hazardous areas that can handle heavier fluids and larger solids. The air driven unit will recover a variety of fluids in drilling and environmental applications, without loss of suction.

  • CE marked and suitable for use in ATEX Category II Zone 1 areas
  • NORSOK compliant
  • The unit is small and easily maneuverable without the need for machinery
  • Can be used in confined spaces, extendable hose and no loss of suction
  • The pump unit is housed in a robust wheeled, stainless steel frame
  • Automatic continuous suction/discharge cycle
  • Capable of handling liquids with solids content of up to 15%

The air operated, heavy duty pump at the heart of the unit has been designed for constant use and with minimum moving parts ensures ease of on-site maintenance.

By having the 2” suction tube the Rigvac Unit is more versatile for clean-up operations.

• Operates on a single venturi

• Uses a single ejector which requires no priming

• 80% maximum vacuum

• Will vertically lift 25 ft of fresh water

• Will vertically lift 20 ft of 10 ppg fluid

The Rig Vac Unit comes complete with the following:

• 25 ft of 2” anti static red stripe suction hose and fittings

• 25 ft of 2” anti static red stripe discharge hose and fittings

• 50 ft of 1” anti static air supply hose and fittings

• Stainless steel suction tube

• 2 black plastic gulper nozzles

• Copy of operating manual

• Certification package

• Additional hoses and accessories available on request

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 79 x 47 x 124 cm

• Weight: 82 kg

• Air Consumption:Requires a supply of air between 90 - 110 psi (6.2 - 7.5 bar) @ 60 SCFM

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Our extensive range of equipment is available for rental or purchase. Please contact our specialist technical support team at ESRInfo@msisgroup.com to discuss your specific requirements.