Variable High Pressure Wash Unit

MSIS uniquely designed the Variable High Pressure Wash to provide a continuous, variable and adjustable high pressure output of water or base oil, to tackle the full range of cleaning operations on site from cleaning down the pit room or drill room floor to ensuring optimum shale shaker performance.

  • CE marked and suitable for use in ATEX Category II Zone 1 areas
  • NORSOK compliant
  • Small and portable, it can be carried into confined spaces
  • The robust stainless steel frame protects against impact damage 
  • The principle of operation ensures a high degree of reliability and efficiency

The stainless steel frame (fitted with carrying handles) houses the pump unit, together with the air filter, regulator and lubricator set which conditions the air supply to the pump. The high pressure output from the pump is fitted with a pulsation dampener which removes pressure surges to ensure a steady output pressure from the unit making it more user friendly for long term operation.

  • Air Driven 35:1 ratio hydraulic pump
  • Dead-end output pressure at pump of 2500-3500 psi (dependant on nozzle selection)
  • Continuous output pressure at lance of:
    • - with 1502 nozzle – 2900 psi 6.5 L/min
    • - with 1503 nozzle – 2500 psi 9.0 L/min
    • - with 1504 nozzle – 1700 psi @ 11.0 L/min
  • 50ft of 1” anti static air supply hose and fittings
  • 50ft of 3/8” HP twin-wired jetting hose and fittings
  • Lance gun assembly c/w 1504 Nozzle
  • 1502 & 1503 nozzle
  • Copy of operating manual
  • Certification package
  • Additional hoses and accessories available on request
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 47 x 46 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Air Consumption: Requires a supply of air between 25-125 psi (6.2 - 8.6 bar) which is internally regulated to 100 psi (6.9 bar) @ 30-100 SCFM

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