The MSIS Tank Cleaning Package is a mobile self-contained, offshore pit cleaning solution, which is fully equiped and securely stored in a mini container.

  • Robust unit meeting all the requirements for use in a Zone 1 hazardous area
  • Conforming to ATEX Group II Category 2G IIB T4.
  • Five rope sling assembly

The smaller footprint of the NORM Decontamination Unit allows it to be deployed more rapidly, reducing mobilisation costs, deck space and persons on board (POB), in addition to eliminating the amount of waste materials shipped to shore.

The NORM Decontamination Unit comes complete with the following:

• Self-contained wash-room with operation control

• Separate, isolated compartment for the motor

• Under-floor, filtered waste containment

• Hand Lance, HP Hoses and Retro Nozzles

• Macerator

• Dimensions: 20 x 8 ft

• Weight: 5.5 tonnes

• Water Pressure: 12,000 psi

• Water Flow: 30 L/min

• High pressure pump WOMA Type 702 P20

• 3-phase electric motor 440 V/50-60 Hz/62 Amp, Zone 2

• Stainless steel combined suction flow stabiliser and filtration unit with 5 x 10” PP25 micron replaceable filter elements

• 200 L capacity header tank complete with level control valve, temperature shutdown switch, low water level shut down switch, sight level tube and drain valve manufactured from steel

• Single trigger dry gun style hand lance fitted with barracuda spinning head jetted to 12,000 psi and bypass shutdown when not in use

• Air driven extraction

• 110 V lighting system

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