Removal of Slops waste/sand and sludge for Inspection and Repair


MSIS were invited to tender by OMS/Wood Group for the removal of 400 m3 of NORM Oil contaminated sludge and sand from the Port and Starboard Slops Tanks on board the Triton FPSO. Tanks were to be emptied utilising MSIS PTS Vacuum System and cleaned utilising HP Jetting to allow entry for Inspection and repairs.

Treatment of NORM contaminated oily Waste/Sludge removed from tanks carried out by sand washing, sampling and testing to ensure regulatory criteria met for discharge to sea.

All works carried out by classified workers following MSIS Local Rules for NORM.


OMS/Wood Group

A pre contract onshore demonstration identified MSIS PTS equipment as the most suitable solution for the project. With the volume of sand/solids to be removed, the system has a proven capability, reliability and track record in completing the removal of solid wastes from slops and this was again demonstrated as it proved invaluable on this work scope.



MSIS were able to react quickly working closely with the client to integrate a bespoke solution that would reduce project timescales by utilising MSIS PTS unit and Decontamination unit. Our equipment set up was designed by MSIS to provide an efficient solution to large scale slops removal from deep tanks where previously the only option was the laborious and inefficient process of utilising winches and buckets.



The project was delivered in a 45 day time line and an additional 5 day’s of intrusive power washing for inspection. Rig-up rig-down took a total of 4 shifts. All sand washing and NORM decontamination was completed within the time scale set as part of the efficiency plan to run solids removal in conjunction with the waste removal meaning that cleaning was carried out on Nightshift only. Total project duration was 54 days with removal of 400m3 achieved and 2 x Slops tanks passed back to operator for inspection and re-instatement


MSIS’s specialist offshore certified Premier Transfer System (PTS), NORM Decontamination unit, HP Jetting Unit, Mud Skips, associated hoses and fittings.



MSIS squad consisted of 6 personnel on dayshift, Radiation Protection Supervisor, engineer, 2 x Specialist Cleaners for sand washing and 2 x Confined Space Entry personnel in the tank. Additionally 2 x Specialist Cleaners were deployed on Nightshift to progress the sand washing of waste removed from tanks on dayshift. This ensured a continuous focus on Project delivery and minimised client impact on day to day operations.


All NORM waste removed from Slops tanks was cleaned at source within Client limits and regulatory consented to discharge as per MSIS Local Rules for NORM. Utilising the Decontamination unit at source reduced all contaminated waste to standard disposal routes significantly reducing cost’s for the Client.



  • Safe - The PTS significantly reduced the need for manual handling and confined space entry, resulting in outstanding safety performance maintaining a 100% safety record for the project.
  • Reduction in bed space from the old conventional maximum personnel, winch and buckets method
  • Minimised safety concerns with manual handling and minimal personnel entering confined spaces.
  • Cost Effective - Our state of the art equipment far out stripped traditional methods of heavy waste removal, offering a fast, efficient and very cost-effective solution to the problem
  • Efficient - The small footprint of MSIS' equipment made it more compact and manoeuvrable than traditional methods. The electrical unit is also ZONE I rated, meaning higher speeds and less demand on site resources, including less floor space and power.
  • Waste minimisation with the cleaning and discharge at source removing cost of transport and disposal on the beach.
  • The vast Experienced of personnel provided utilising the PTS system and Project Management allowed  MSIS to hit the ground running and deliver.



      The Project was completed under time and under budget with all waste produce in a NORM environment cleaned to a standard disposal route proving a massive cost saving and ease logistics to the beach, all work carried out from the project management to the coal front team producing a 100% safety record. The Client was extremely happy with the outcome and delivery of the project.