MSIS were invited to tender for a contract by Hess Equatorial Guinea, for the removal of 540 tonnes of contaminated sludge and sand on-board the Sendje Ceiba FPSO.


Premier Transfer System (PTS)


With the previous campaign failing to meet project deadlines, MSIS were able to react quickly to the project scope, working closely with the client to design a bespoke solution that would reduce project time scales through the use of their extensive fleet of innovative technology and equipment to hand.


  • Safe - The PTS significantly reduced the need for manual handling and confined space entry, resulting in outstanding safety performance maintaining a 100% safety record for the project

  • Cost Effective - Our state of the art equipment far outstripped traditional methods of residue removal, offering a fast, efficient and very cost-effective solution to the problem

  • Efficient - The small footprint of MSIS’ equipment made it more compact and manoeuvrable than traditional methods. The electrical unit is also ZONE I rated, meaning higher speeds and less demand on site resources, including less floor space and power


Optimising on the combination of innovative technology and equipment, and the skills and capabilities of company personnel, MSIS were able to remove 540 tonnes of contaminated sludge and sand within the specified project window. The PTS provided the best-fit solution to the labour intensive challenges of the project, reducing vessel entry requirements and Persons on Board (POB). This lead to an incident free project execution, limited downtime, and reduced cost and risk to the client.